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Investing in the entire crypto space in a measured and chain agnostic way.

Crypto and decentralised networks are going to change the world - we are getting skin in the game and investing on a better future.

About Us

Cayman Islands Crypto Venture

(With roots in the Deep South)

Stafford Street Capital is a crypto and digital assets collective that combines fundamental research with active involvement from the team, drawing on a collective 50+ years in crypto.

We have a collective track record of being early and chalking up plenty of 100x’s over 8+ years, have strong connections in the ecosystem and are focused on continuing that success for the long term.

Selected investments

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How we continue to generate outsized returns

At the core of every investment, we focus on three main fundamental pillars:

•  Adoption & network effects
•  Visible product-market fit
•  Clear token value accrual

Our focus and expertise in applying fundamental analysis to cryptoassets separates us from the rest. We adopt an active approach and partner with teams to bootstrap necessary network effects for them to scale. We believe investing is more than just a standalone transaction and and we are in this to support the growth of the market and to build generational wealth in the process.

Stafford Street capital

Meet the team

Chris Duncan Profile Picture

Chris Duncan

Legal, Governance and Risk Management
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Zachary Hoskin Profile Picture

Zachary Hoskin

Legal and Governance
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Samuel Buchan Profile Picture

Samuel Buchan

Legal and Governance
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Carl Aiau Profile Picture

Carl Aiau

Software Engineering
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Alec Wren Profile Picture

Alec Wren

Analyst, Web & Brand
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Hugo Macdonald Profile Picture

Hugo Macdonald

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Seth Hoskin Profile Picture

Seth Hoskin

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Anthony Pantano Profile Picture

Anthony Pantano

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Kyle O'Neill Profile Picture

Kyle O'Neill

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Matthew Hall Profile Picture

Matthew Hall

Risk Assurance
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Thad Hoskin Profile Picture

Thaddeus Hoskin

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Callum Macdonald Profile Picture

Callum Macdonald

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William Duncan Profile Picture

Will Duncan

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